How To Quit The Keto Diet Without Gaining Weight

How To Quit The Keto Diet Without Gaining Weight

Learn how to stop the keto diet without adding weight. Many people attempt the keto diet and experience amazing results, but then they’d like to increase their carbs again but don’t know what to do without being too heavy. If you are, this article is for you.

This year I started working towards fitness and nutrition certificates. Because of all the information that I was learning, I made the decision to get off my keto-based diet. I’ll admit it: in the last three years, after a period of living the keto diet, I was afraid to leave. There’s a lot of misinformation available about the ketogenic diet, and its effectiveness. The reality is that the keto diet isn’t a magic formula. Similar to other restrictive diets, it is likely to come with an expiration date also.

This is among the reasons why I’ll spend in January updating my articles on this blog. I have learned SO lot about the human body as well as nutrition and fitness. A lot of things I believed in the past weren’t scientifically proven. GASP! I’ve confessed that I had learned things about keto from “gurus” that I now realize was not correct. This is why I will always want to keep learning about myself and you shouldn’t.

I’ve discovered that restrictive ketogenic diets are typically not feasible for people of average age. After three years of keto, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to continue abstaining from carbs for the rest of my life.

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How To Quit The Keto Diet Without Gaining Weight:

Start slowly and follow the help of a strategy. If you’ve had success losing weight and weight loss on keto The most important thing you don’t would like to do is derail your body by having the temptation of a carb feast.

Water Weight:

The keto diet is diuretic effects on the body, which means the first weight loss is water. If you stop following keto, you’ll gain weight in water but not enough to make you feel overweight or bloated. If you workout you’ll be able to notice that your muscles appear more of the “pumped” look because some of the water has been stored in your muscles. If your hydration levels are at the right level, you won’t need to be concerned about fluid retention beneath the skin. That can make us appear “fat.”

If you’re on an uninvolved keto diet, first, you need to increase the amount of protein you consume in your diet. Many keto diets don’t have enough protein. You’ll need to alter your macros at least every 2 weeks. Your carbs will be increased and you’ll reduce the amount of fat you consume.

The main ingredient in any diet and weight loss programs is eating at a deficit in calories. It is important to consume less calories than you need so that it can utilize fat as fuel. Be sure to not consume excessive calories, which can cause the weight (read fat) growth. So long as your calorie intake is within the right range it is possible to adjust the amount of carbs and fats according to what is most appropriate to your lifestyle.

How To Quit The Keto Diet Without Gaining Weight: An Example

Begin with the basics Begin with: If you are eating 25g net carbs per day, including fruits and vegetables and add 25g more with yogurt, rice or whole grain bread or oatmeal. This is a way to stay eating a whole food diet, while also introducing carbohydrates. If you are adding 25-50g each two weeks, you will not be experiencing bloating or the water retention.

If my daily calories (the calories I require to maintain my weight) is 1500 calories here is a sample of a diet plan for the following figures:

Starting point: 1500 calories / 101g Protein / 25 Net carbs / 110g Fat

  • Week 1: 1500 calories / 101g Protein / 50 Net Carbs / 100g Fat
  • Week 3: 1500 calories / 101g Protein / 75 Net Carbs / 88g Fat
  • Week 5: 1500 calories / 101g Protein / 100 Net Carbs / 77g Fat
  • Week 7: 1500 calories / 101g Protein / 150 Net Carbs / 55g Fat
  • The 9th week of the program: 1500 calories 101g Protein/200 Net Carbs / 34g Fat This is the point at which I’d cut back because I don’t eat lots of fat every day, therefore this would be a good fit with my way of life.

The above example shows being in maintenance. You are able to quit keto when you have some the weight to shed.

Be aware that you might experience an initial fluctuation in your scale however, so long as you’re staying true to your calorie objectives you won’t gain weight because of carbs. Carbs aren’t the problem I can assure you.

Healthy Carb List of Quitting Keto:

Before you begin to think about carbs, think of your objectives. Are you able to have donuts or pieces of cake? Yes, but they typically contain carbohydrates and fats and therefore are packed with calories and won’t keep you full as whole foods can. Therefore, be cautious and be sure to not go back to your old diet that led to you to gain weight in the first instance.

  • Any Fruit (yes any fruit, and all fruits)
  • Corn Tortilla
  • Couscous
  • Ezekiel Bread(in the freezer section)
  • Oatmeal
  • Peas
  • Popcorn (Air-popped)
  • Quinoa
  • Rice (any kind)
  • Squash
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Whole Grain Bread, Pasta, and Tortillas

I hope this will help you If you’re looking to quit keto. If you have additional questions, you can inquire here or send me an email!

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